Mike LaChioma discovered his passion for art at a very young age. Mike has been a student of music and fine arts all his life and continues to pursue his passion.

After studying with many gifted teachers, Mike began experimenting with various styles and mediums. It was during this time that he found his true calling in abstract art and pottery. He was drawn to the freedom and limitless possibilities that the abstract style of painting offered. Mike began to create vibrant and dynamic pieces that quickly caught the attention of art enthusiasts. During this time, he was also creating pottery using the same abstract style. 

Mike's one of kind pieces of pottery are both functional and beautiful. Over the years, Mike's work has been featured in exhibitions and galleries, earning him critical acclaim and a dedicated following. His art is known for its bold use of color, texture and movement and has been described as both vibrant and thought-provoking. Mike remains dedicated to his craft, constantly pushing himself to explore new techniques and creating pieces that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. 


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